Friday, July 06, 2007

27, swf, desperately seeking approval...

I'm told Blogger is where it's at these days. Considering I've never been one to hang out in the kiddie pool, I need to get in the action. Plus, this girl told me I'd up my traffic by like 85% if I started posting here. And, beginning way back in 1998 as a spritely freshman at the University of Iowa, I noticed while running to hide from Public Safety in the stairwell of our dorm, I do whatever she tells me.

Here's a little history.

I started blogging back when blogging what just a blip on the sonogram of popular culture as we know it today. I believe my first post was about
my trip to Las Vegas for my 22nd birthday and all the Chippendale-induced hijinx that ensued. Since then, I've gone through about five different layouts on my Xanga site, about a hundred subscribers, a dozen too many drunken photos, one very huge heartbreak, and that same goddamn, douchebag Anonymous commenter that it seems we have all come to love. I guess some things are the same no matter where you go.

So, Blogger, let's get intimate.

I'm ready for that open relationship I've always wanted to have between two consentual blogs.

Let's do this.

*insert cheesy, 70's porn music here*


dmbmeg said...

Drink the juice Shelby, Drink the juice!!!

I'll give you a shoutout when I get my new site up