Monday, February 11, 2008


You will always be; something private. Like a whispered wish tumbling about the open sky among the dandelion seeds.

I'll stamp you out in heavy-handed periods at the end of each sentence I write. Like black flecks of snow falling delicately over everything I attempt before I crumple it up and toss it on the floor.

I've reclaimed ownership of my smile. You are no longer responsible for it.

Though I think I'll keep you close for a while. In towering, haphazardly stacked folders swept away from daily thought. I'll file our purest moments in places where I'll stumble across them unexpectedly. I'll label that folder, "Guilty Pleasures".

I will never find comfort in things crisp and new.

I'll leave us like a messy room behind a closed door. A masterpiece in its simplicity. A disaster in its own right. Maybe someday I will rewrite me out of it.

You will be for me, something wistful and cherished. The sudden escape of air as a heavy book is closed. Unnoticeable, yet overwhelmingly significant.


puest said...

Y.E.S. yes...honey thats all i can say. except maybe the footnote of

dmbmeg said...


Hellafied said...

Shit ladies, if I would have known it was going to get this kind of reception, I would have wrote it years ago.

dmbmeg said...

I knew you'd come around eventually ;)

Anonymous said...


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