Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Has anyone seen my balls?

Because I do believe they got rocked off last night.

I've been a fan of the Foo Fighters since they were just a twinkle in Dave Grohl's eye. Back when he was wailing away on the drums with red-tipped sticks in a little band called Nirvana.

Back when songs like "This Is a Call" and "Big Me" and "I'll Stick Around" weren't considered vintage, but novel. Before the violins and accordions and soul-shredding triangle solos.

Rooke, you might want to cover your ears because I am now going to talk about the awesomeness of last night's show.

Let's start with the set list:

breakout (my ears started bleeding)
let it die
times like these
cheer up, boys
ill stick around (always awesome)
learn to fly
the one
stacked actors (dave & chris guitar solo, one of the best versions of this song I've EVER heard and coincidentally my favorite foo song)
skin & bones (acoustic with extended band from skin & bones tour)
marigold (acoustic, Nirvana jam)
my hero (acoustic)
but honestly (acoustic, plaintive and captivating)
everlong (only dave for the first half of the song) into
monkeywrench (scorching)
long road to ruin

big me
all my life (this song exploded mid way through)

The Foo Fighters have more energy than Chernobyl and Three-Mile Island on their worst day. Nobody screams better or louder than Dave Grohl. He's insane. And insanely talented.

From moment one he engaged the crowd by playing a show that felt more like a tiny club than a 20,000 seat arena. The way he sprints from one outstretched arm of the stage to the other, taunting the crowds with devil's horns and headbanging that would make even Riki Rachtman blush. During song breaks it truly turns into the Dave Grohl show and let me tell you, he is FUN-NY. Like stand-up comedian type funny.

I don't know, there is also a genuine intimacy with the crowd that just comes naturally to Dave Grohl as a front man. I mean, he's fucking entertaining, but he does so on a level that makes you feel like it's over beers in a corner dive somewhere.

He alone is worth every penny and Ticketmaster surcharge I paid for those seats.

The Foo Fighters have always been a sure thing, they always put on a good show, sound great and are consistently enjoyable, and they do it with style and aplomb.

The thing is, they brought down the house last night. I've never seen them this good. They're veterans, but something about them sounds new each time.

Last night's version of Stacked Actors was probably one of the best, most compelling songs I've seen performed live in ten years. They left it all out on the table with that song.

I just can't say enough about live music. If you don't like live music, your ass done missed the boat. The whole boat. The fucking Titanic.

You deserve to be kicked in the head by a horse.

In a nutshell, my mind was blown. Aural orgasms were had and balls were rocked. Thank you Foo Fighters, for making arena rock seem new again.


Andrea B. said...

i love foo fighters... they are awesome live, so energetic and mind blowing!

also, i love love LOVE when dave chomps
on gum like a teenager...he's amazing!

S said...

I was psyched to read this post because my boyfriend and I are going to see the Foo Fighters on March 2nd in Glendale, AZ.

Peter said...

Would it shock you to find out that I am -- and have always been -- a HUGE Foo Fighters fan?

A day last week, I listened to nothing but Foo Fighters music all day.

the landshark said...

i've never seen foo fighters live but always wanted to - i'm jealous. glad the show was good. they rock my socks off on a regular basis. :)

dmbmeg said...

Remember when we saw them at Carver-Hawkeye Arena? Good times.

Hellafied said...

Andrea: You nailed it. I heart Dave Grohl...he's got such a filthy mouth!

s: You'll have to let me know how it goes. That is...if you didn't get rocked to death.

Peter: I remain unshockable.

Landshark: Get tickets, woman!

Don: I love how you state the full name of the arena. You could have just said Iowa, but you went the extra mile. That's what makes you Friend of the Year.

TK said...

I love that drummer more than I should as a straight man.

JenBun said...

I just found your blog (pointed your way by one charming Canadian... Peter DeWolf!), and I've gone back and read everything, and you are HILARIOUS! And I was nodding and bouncing around and re-living the Foo concert I went to last week, as I read this post.

Dave Grohl is freaking AMAZING, and they put on an awesome show. You get it, you just get it!

OK, I just had to comment. My mind is still a little blown from their show-- it's the second time I've seen them, and it just seemed to be so much better, and more raw, and REAL. Whew!

OK, end longest comment ever. I'm off to add you to my blogroll so I can read all your hilarity! =)