Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Music of Politics

In an age where our world's political climate is sweltering and virtually every move our leaders make becomes satirical fodder, shouldn't we at least have some good music? Isn't it warranted?

Is there any inspiration I can glean from a song titled, "Freek-A-Leek" or lyrics like,

"To the window, to dat wall/ To the sweat drips down my balls/ To all you bitches crawl".

It's puzzling really. I mean, sure, give me a good hook and a loud bass line and I'll shake my ass with the best of them. But this is an opportunity for the creative people of the world to SAY SOMETHING.

What happened to bands like Neil Young, the MC5, The Yardbirds, Bob Dylan and The Who? And then those that followed, Bad Religion, Public Enemy, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Ani DiFranco? Even the Sex Pistols. Damn, and the Clash. The Clash did it right. And they did it in the time of hair bands and fake metal followers.

"Kick over the wall/Cause governments to fall/How can you refuse it?/Let fury have the hour/Anger can be power/Didja know that you can use it?"

I'm sick to death of turning on the radio and hearing the same insouciant, alternative crap and phony, made-up gangster lingo.

Where are the Clashes and the Rages? Are there none left? Where is the dissent? The rebel yell?


Anonymous said...

You might want to try Against Me! Although their older stuff was better.

Saul Williams is another good one. He did that "List of Demands" song you might have heard in the shoe commercial.

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

When I hear the crap on the radio I often wonder the same. It's the apathy of our generation(and the next) reflected in our pop culture. It makes me sad.

JenBun said...

Clickity clank... the money goes into my piggy bank...


Peter said...

I never listen to the radio any more.

I usually only find out about new music by reading about it first someplace online.

Cunning_Linguist said...

It's a self-indulgent era is why you don't hear any of the Dylan's and such anymore. I blame it on the big moevement of designer drugs and raves. Me me me, all about me.

Mark my words. Start a grassroots movement back to pot and you'll have your political music back.

Anonymous said...

Pixies: UK Surf (Wave of). I bet you would like it :-)

Anonymous said...

two words - The Thermals

Anonymous said...

you know I had to come back to this one. "Fear of a black planet" Public Enemy was a very influential record for me. Fight The Power "None of me heros don't appear on a stamp". You know... I just can't look to Hannah Montana as a voice.