Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Apartment Updates - Lots of Photos for Your Viewing Pleasure

I have slowly been pulling my little studio loft apartment together over the past couple of weeks. My theme is Cape Cod Cottage meets Thrift Store Budget. I am kind of obsessed with the East Hampton beach look right now, but I have a lot of art, so it's more beachy vintage.

I finally picked my paint colors.

I am painting the living room in a quiet and calming "Shore".

My bathroom will be subtley elegant in the signature Restoration Hardware "Silver Sage".

My kitchen cabinets, appliances and floors are white and the hardware is brushed silver. The kitchen island counters are a light gray color. I've decided to do the backsplash in decorative paper. Something along these color lines:

My furniture is celery green and ivory and all the wood is a dark chocolate brown, so I think the backsplash will tie everything together.

The bathroom is my baby. I'm attempting to recreate the whole hotel spa bathroom thing. Very clean and inviting for guests. (If only I had an extra bedroom for them to stay!)

I will, of course update you with photos as this huge project progresses. Why is it that even though I downsized about 500 square feet, the projects keep getting bigger?

Oh oh! I forgot about my black and white photo wall.

I have always wanted to do this with photos of my niece and nephew and interesting photos I have taken in my travels here and there. I feel strongly about decorating my living space with art that I have created: photos I have taken, sea glass I have collected, paintings I have drawn, vintage items I have discovered in this flea market or that estate sale. I think an interesting home is a reflection of who you are. Anyone can recreate a living room they saw in a Pottery Barn ad.

So I bought this wall shelving unit from Ikea in dark brown (two small shelves and one large one) and I plan to use the frames below to make my black and white masterpiece.

Here are some of the photos I plan to use.

I am going to get the photos professionally retouched to black and white. The photos above are just adjusted on my computer. Should I go black and white, or should I try sepia? I do have a lot of browns in my apartment, though the frames are black. I just don't know. All of these momentous decisions.

I have a lot of creative ideas rolling around in this scattered head of mine, but sometimes lack the discipline and patience to see them through. I'm going to count on you guys to hold me accountable!

If anyone has any decorating tips or inspiration you might want to lend me, I'll take 'em.

Stay class San Diego, and thanks for stopping by. But mainly stay classy.


S said...

Megan, when you get done with your photos, wanna come to my house and do some for me? I absolutely love your ideas and would love to do something similar. . . unfortunately, I don't have a creative bone in my body. And neither does my husband-to-be. ;-)

S said...

P.S. Our house is already painted, so you'd only have to do our photos. LOL

Hellafied said...

S: I would love to! If I didn't have to work everyday I would seriously sit on my couch and watch HGTV for eight hours. Seriously. I'm sure your place is beautiful. :)

Chocobo said...

I think if I were you I would stick with black and white for the photos. If it were just 3 or 4, sepia would be ok, but really, there isn't a lot of contrast in sepia and so it seems a little monotonous if you get too many of them together. Black and white has a much better range of tones.

erin said...

I love the colours and everything! When I eventually get a place of my own I plan to do a black and white photo wall. I have a few of my favourite shots from my European travels in b&w and in simple black frames just on the wall in my bedroom but I can't wait until I can decorate and everything!

Cunning_Linguist said...

The kissy face photo ( my fav ) should be in Sepia.

Uhhh, lemme see here. Advice, advice. Well... around here ( Patheticut ) everybody does light wood with off whites and one bold blue/green to give the cape look. One contrasting red base ( like brick ) really sets it off. If you want, I'm sure I can stop and scour for driftwoods and shells which are just pushed aside here. It gets a little busy though when you add all that in. Just keep the lines clean and basic. Simply stated is the phrase that comers to mind. I really hate to go there, but if you run into a snag, stand back and ask "What would Martha do" and it will come to you. Try to add in some sage and celedon to the mix. They go with lots well.

Good luck.

Hellafied said...

Chocobo, Erin and Cunning: All excellent suggestions that I will heed wholeheartedly! Thank you...I love readers with style. :)

JenBun said...

Hooray for classy San Diego!! :D

I think that a mix of sepia and B&W could look really neat, especially with your furniture colors.

My place was already painted and is designed in kind of a "Mexican castle" theme (I literally have no other way to describe it), so my decorating scheme became "color, color everywhere"!

I love the backsplash idea!

micheal said...

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