Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Grace in Small Things

Stolen from Molly.

1. Girl Scout Caramel Delites Cookies.
2. Pushing the "Send Calls" button on my work phone.
3. A full hour of Danny McBride in Outbound & Down waiting for me on my DVR at home
4. Merrell sneakers. Heaven to my feet.
5. Shell Gas Station Fat-Free Vanilla Lattes.
6. Going through old voicemails and hearing the little voice of my nephew: "Hi Auntie Megan." *whispering from my sister* "What's up?" *more whispering" "I'm at the crib just shooting some hoops." *whisper* "This shot is for you." "I MADE IT AUNTIE KATE I MADE IT!!!" Click.

What are your small graces today?


101 Things . . . said...

I put down a whole box of those caramel cookies one day and a whole box of thin mints the next. Can I have a merit badge for that shit? Actually, that's Boy Scouts. Girl Scouts got patches, yes?