Friday, August 24, 2007

I took the road less traveled by.

So this weekend I was over at my parent's house doing odds and ends, setting up my mom's wireless router, etc. and I decided to take the long way home for a change.

The long way is not that impressive, just a maze of side streets and raised ranch houses, amidst a flurry of parks named after trees. Oak, Maple, Willow.

These are streets I grew up on, walked home from elementary school and junior high on, had my childhood bumps and bruises on.

Somewhere in between those streets and parks and childhood stumbles, I grew up.

But not really.

I am a shade over twenty-seven and I don't feel a shadow over seventeen. I still go over to my parent's house to do laundry and borrow money from my dad. I buy my toothpaste at the Dollar Store and overdraw my checking account. I don't pick up after myself and I leave food in the fridge past its date.

Somewhere in between the rent payments, Roth IRAs, and paying my student loans, I grew up.

Had to.

But not really.


country roads said...

I think growing up is a relative term. I do grown up things but abhor the idea of actually growing up. Jimmy Buffett said "I'm growing older but not up." and if Jimmy said it, you know it's the Gospel.

and at least you have food in your fridge. I have cheese and a couple eggs.

Hellafied said...

Country: Jimmy Buffet stole the Gospel from me. FYI.

Mortarbored said...

First off, Jimmy Buffet blows.

But more importantly, I know what you mean. I get weird feelings when I visit my hometown now. It's no longer "coming home." Now it's just visiting a place I know my way around, and that incites memories, but that I'm not really familiar with or a part of anymore. I'm grown up in some ways, but not in others.

Peter DeWolf said...

My father has refused to grow up, so it has really given me a carte blanche.

And I totally appreciate it.

The Stormin Mormon said...

And I'm at the other end of it.

A 24 year old that feels 35 and acts it five days a week. On the weekend I may cut loose, but not to much.