Friday, September 07, 2007

A friendly tip.

Get yourself one of these.

I'm going to dinner tonight here and getting tickets to see The Crucible at Steppenwolf all for the price of a carnival goldfish.


Peter DeWolf said...

I've always been intrigued by Steppenwolf. (Due to all the cool-assed actors that have come out of there.)

Dre said...

gotta love npr... and discounted polenta!

that menu looks tasty!

braised tomatoes? yum!

Cunning Linguist said...

damn little on this planet more gooder than tasty eats and a show for very little pocket change. Kinda makes you wonder that if they can serve a great meal that inexpensive, who do these other asshats think they are to be charging a fortune for a ritz cracker on an oversized plate? Keep us updated how it all was.

Flop said...

Two dollars,and three months of a heavy heart after you flush poor Swimmy's lifeless, floating corpse down the toilet is the price to see an Arthur Miller play these days?

Mr. W said...

Deleece is good... they have a good brunch on the weekends!