Sunday, December 16, 2007

You're not a Chicagoan unless you get some shit stolen.

I swear to god if I ever find those fucks that took my GPS Navi I will fucking murder them.

This is what happened to me yesterday. Happy fucking holidays.


dmbmeg said...


Hellafied said...

My thoughts exactly.

Peter DeWolf said...

Awww. That sucks, lady.

Plus, with GPS-assistance, those crooks will be able to find the best hiding places EVER.

Too soon?

Ares said...

Man, that's awful. Insurance will cover it, but it's the feeling of being assaulted that is the hardest thing to get over in a robbery. I hope you can deserve a happy holiday.


Hellafied said...

Peter: Not too soon. I needed a laugh.

Ares: It's less of feeling violated and more of just being pissed off right now. But I'll live. It could always be so much worse. But thank you. :)

sam said...

I hate thieves. Maybe those Islamic radicals have the right idea. It's real hard to rip a radio out of a dash without hands!

Hellafied said...

Sam: Eye for an eye, right?

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain.

Two days ago one of my rental properties was burned to the ground by some crackhead/arsonist/bum/asshole/etc.


like i said, I feel your pain.

T. said...

Those pics remind me of a story.

A friend of mine had one of those detachable face car radios back in the day. Someone broke into his car, saw there was no face on the radio, rendering it useless. Dude got so pissed that he bashed up the interface with a blunt object, leaving the radio ruined and unable to put the face back on. My friend returned to the car and found the bashed up radio interface with a handwritten note attached: "Next time leave the fucking face!"