Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good luck is not in my vocabulary.

I was alarmed by the sound of dripping water in my bedroom on Tuesday night. Then I felt the slow seepage in the carpet which eventually led me to at last run my hands over the clothes in my closet to find them all soaking wet.

Then I found this...

Yes. That is my jewelry sitting in approximately three inches of dirty sewer water. You see, due to limited space in my bedroom, I hang my jewelry in plastic sleeves in my closet. So much for the "protective plastic" idea.

To make a long story short, the ceiling in my closet pretty much collapsed in with old, rusty, greasy pipewater from the three apartments above us. It was out of my control. All I could do was salvage what hadn't been coated and soaked already and watch while it rained down from the ceiling. I have a video...I'll post it.

Most of you know I am a collector of designer dresses and shoes, vintage jewelry and an avid purseaholic.

So here's some of the damage:

It doesn't look THAT bad, admittedly, but you have to understand that most of the damage was contained to my closet. My closet that houses everything I hold dear to me. BCBG, Diane Von Furstenburg, Nicole Miller, Armani, Gucci, Fendi, Badgley Mischka, Tiffany & Co. My friends, you will never be the same. You will never have that "I've just been deeply discounted" glow that you used to. You'll always be just a little tarnished to me. That breaks my heart a little.

To my surprise, when I went upstairs to see what the hell was going on in the apartment above me, I found a note in place of the tenants. It read something like this...

Dear ________ Realty Company,

Fix our sh-t before we take legal action. Our kitchen sink has overflowed x-number of times since we moved in and you keep hiring the same incompetent plumbers to fix it. We are going out of town and if this isn't fixed when we get back, we are going to sue your asses.

Apt. 3C

My roommate, who just happens to be one hell of an attorney said that the note proves the property management company's negligence. So I took it to work and made a copy. Along with the photos and the video, I'm pretty sure I have a case to get my stuff replaced. Or at least dry cleaned. What do you guys think?

I leave for Florida on Saturday morning for work for two weeks so this doesn't come at the most opportune time. I'm trying to remain calm.

You guys all remember this fiasco less than a year ago. I thought I'd at least have some good juju leftover from that mess. Oh and then there's this disaster at my old apartment. I just don't know where this black cloud comes from.

Someone please send me some good karma, please? I'll even pay for postage.


S said...

Megan, I had a similar experience in my apartment last fall (here is a link to the letter I wrote, which BTW, got NO response:

Apartments suck! I hope you don't let it ruin your trip. And I'm sorry about your ruined stuff.

E.Lo said...

but who made you dinner and tried to make it all better? i'm so sorry, megs. we'll go shopping together to try and perk your wardrobe back least find you some clothes that don't smell like shit! :(

Michael Tragic said...

:-( all of a sudden you are rid of me. The girl I had a crush on wasn't soooo materialistic :-(

sam said...

if the apartment has insurance you will be fine. Do you have renters insurance? the best money you will ever spend. It's cheap and will cover almost any disaster.

JenBun said...

Oh. My. Gosh!!! I'm SOOO sorry!

Send a letter, and your evidence, to the owners. And, if you have to, bring in a building inspector. I did that with a place I used to live (I HAD to!), and it ended up costing the owners A LOT for their negligence!

Colleen Snell said...

Oh my god - the irony. I came home last night to my condo (that I own) and heard dripping, too. I then realize there is a huge water bubble behind the paint on one wall in living room, ceiling water damage, soaked carpet and warping hardwood in the kitchen, just south of a second ruined/bubbling/wet wall in there.

My maintenance guys told me the unit above (after going up there on my prodding) was under construction and didn't turn off the hot water valve, so hence the issue. Oh, and their entire new unit's brand new hardwood is ruined. I have a call in to them to sort this out.

Sending you good karma, and hopefully it is on a boomerang!