Wednesday, November 05, 2008

An Email From My Good Friend Across the Pond


Congratulations to you and THANK YOU for all your hard work! I am proud to be an American living abroad - not an ex-pat! No longer will I be the ambassador of a country that I dont even understand - I can know hold my head high and say with pride that America has made the right decision - for its own people, and for the world.

I was sitting in a waiting room this morning at 9am today in a culturally-mixed area of West London - a woman walked in and pointed at the man behind the desk (she a west Londoner, in him I detected a slight African accent of type) and said "All I have to say is OBAMA", to which he said "It's not just history my friend, it's a new dawn".

These are the conversations happening in the most banal of locations in places which are typically considered unrelated to the election of a US president. But you see just how much this election has affected everyone, and injected everyone with hope.

There is more work to do of course, and I would hope that this spurs us all on to continue to make changes in our lives and how we consider our power as individuals and collectively. We are all a part of America, and when 75% of America gets out and votes, it is clear exactly who has been in the minority all this time - those who have dominated politics for the last 50,100, 200 years.

We brought about this change, each one of us...I am very proud of us all today.



JenBun said...

I am proud of all of us as well.

Go Obama!!!