Thursday, November 06, 2008

Letting It Sink In

When I think of the events that occurred on Tuesday, my first reaction is to attempt to cage the disbelief running circles in my head. How do I wrap my head around this thing? Did it really happen?

I find myself instinctively flipping my TV to CNN in moments of quiet at home. When I walk past the newspaper stands on the way to my car in the morning, their curious emptiness turns the corners of my mouth up into a wide smile. The images pervade. The thought of this new moment in history consumes me.

Let me tell you what I have learned from all of this. While my heart aches over the last eight years in our country, I am grateful for the clarity it has brought in its wake. Clarity so strong, it compelled a country to change.

I have never been more proud to be an American, on Tuesday, today, tomorrow. The pride I feel as that overwhelms me.

The way our nation has come together and the speed of our unity amazes me. It gives me faith in humanity and restores my trust in democracy. The faceless masses across the USA and around the world have united. They need no faces, they have one, and in it is the proud reflection of the United States -- disabled, but determined.

The capacity I see for hope overwhelms me. It transcends race and ethnicity, wealth and poverty, cultural diversities and border lines. If apathy is the new poison, then hope is its antidote. Barack Obama knew before any of us that hope could change the world.

And as I stare into the open face of possibility this nation gives me reason to believe we've only just begun to fight.

So continue to let freedom ring America, trust in the fact that the rest of the world has heard us.

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Anonymous said...

Well said, lady.

The only downside to this amazing moment in history...

I don't have to open my doors to hot American women seeking refuge.

JenBun said...

This is absolutely an amazing time to be living here.


Very well said.

Hope can change the world, and that makes me proud.