Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quiet possibly the creepiest thing I've ever written.

This week our computers are being encrypted at work. All of the external media devices we use are being password-protected.

During this time I decided to clean up the external hard drive that I use for all my personal stuff. While doing this, I found a folder called "Old Papers" and the files for a portfolio I created for my final project in my "Literature of the Avant-Garde" course in college.

Strange, people. Very strange.

Apparently part of the project was to write four Avant-Garde plays of my own. I opened the file for this play called, "The End/Denouement".

Stage: The scene is set in a living room. There is one chair and the room is lit by one singular lamp. A man is seated in the chair. He’s staring off to his left, face in a relaxed hang, as though in thought.

Light flickers a bit. Almost unnoticeable.

Man: Singing. This is the end, beautiful friend, the end.

Man looks at his watch, sings again.

Man: This is the ennnnnd.

Man stops singing. Sits forward and speaks.

Man: Tell me what you see when the darkness finally ceases and tell me, do you like it?

The light goes out completely and for a moment the entire stage is dark.
A faint voice is heard, a radio broadcaster reporting traffic.

The stage is suddenly filled with white light, the chair is gone and in its place is a small boy. In one hand he holds a string, at the end of it is a green balloon, soaring above his head. In the other, a gun, pointed at the audience.

Boy: In a whisper. Bang.

Lights dim, curtains close, the radio program turns to static, then fades out.

Pretty dark for a girl who was known to wear tube tops and platforms while singing Def Leppard songs on the tops of tables.

I mean, is it Avant-Garde? Maybe. Creepy? Definitely.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this. I'll let you know if I find any more that are post-worthy.


pert said...

i gotta say--wow. and i hate to just leave it at that because its somewhat cliche. but seriously...having lived with you for three years all i can think is...why didnt i lock my door? :) no really though, i love it and not just b/c of the doors reference. i was shocked, chilled, and yet, wanted more...thats a lot of reaction for about 2 lines of dialogue.

peterdewolf said...

Ooooh. I love that. Honestly.

I wrote a script for a short film... maybe ten years ago. It was so dark and disturbing that I eventually tossed it out.

Hellafied said...

Pert: Thanks for the feedback! I too was chilled when I revisited for the first time again. And remember, I would only have knifed intruders, not you my love!

Peter: Would have loved to have read it! You know how I feel, the more twisted and dark, the better.

Sarah said...

Spooky. I'm with Pert, though. I wanted more.

Thanks for popping by the blog by the way. I'll be paying attention to yours from now on!

e.lo said...

i wrote the first 6 chapters of a young adult series once. i figured there is only so much money in a great american novel but gossip girl/harry potter/twilight = CHA CHING! it's about a teenager who works at her father's law firm and solves cases nancy drew style. the cast of characters were great and of course, in the first book, she goes to homecoming with the boy who's father their firm is suing. cliche but so money, baby. btw, still pissed i'm not included in your list of 25 great things.