Monday, October 26, 2009


Today is a day.

Just another day.

A day so ordinary it makes my insides ache for change.

Waking up today I realized I'm about half way down a road I didn't choose to walk down. And my thoughts, they've betrayed me. And writing isn't helping me untangle this big, messy ball of yarn that is my life.

I find myself a bit lost, yet again. Tumbling about in plasmatic limbo, white knuckled, eyes closed tight, not knowing where I'll land.

It sucks.

And all I know is that there is not enough White-Out in the world to cover up the mistakes I make daily. Hourly.

But today is a day.

Just like tomorrow will be.

And even though walking this path wasn't a choice, today I can choose to dig in my heels, swivel myself around, and propel myself in the other direction. I've chucked the map and am traveling on instinct.

And I can't believe I couldn't figure this out earlier.

But, today doesn't care. Today has not betrayed me.

*edit* Today is the day.


Anonymous said...

*stands nodding, with arms-crossed, after chaining you to your blog*

Hellafied said...

Peter: You should be! You inspired this post!

Anonymous said...


Plus I look all bad-ass standing here with my arms crossed like this right?

Hellafied said...

I imagine you do, in your baseball hat and cool sneakers.

What do you Canadians call gym shoes again? Tennies? Something equally funny?

Tia said...

i so feel you on the whiteout thing.

wish it came in gallon size. you know, metaphorically of course.

Anonymous said...

We call them sneakers.

Isn't "tennies" British? Australian?