Thursday, February 18, 2010

Made my day on a day that needed making.

I received this email from a colleague who read my NPR, "This I Believe" essay titled, "Why I write."

Your essay was absolutely amazing. I am a writer as well and constantly ask myself why in the world I do it. J I cannot begin to tell you the renewal you have brought to my day. Reading your words was like inhaling ocean air for me. Thank you for weaving your words together so beautifully. You have a gift – thank you for sharing it.

I hope we have time for a conversation one day. I look forward to it.

And right there. That inspired me.

More writing to come. I promise.


peterdewolf said...

I shared that link (and the original on your blog) with so many people they probably assumed I was your agent.

It is perfection.

Titanium said...

Reading what you write makes my day. 100% Better.

May I echo Peter's last line?

Sid said...

Can't wait for you to produce more posts. I printed and pasted one of your writing pieces into my journal. I read it everytime I'm bored in a work meeting.

Anonymous said...

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